I live in NJ. I have been living with my invalid mother since March 2018 as her primary caregiver. I have not been able to work, as this is my full time job. I receive 16 hours of respite per week. I read that I can be paid even though we are within the 5 year lookback for Medicaid. If I can, what kind of legal document needs to be drawn up and does an attorney need to be involved? If this is so and I have proof of residence and responsibility since March can I get back pay?

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Hi Cannella,
If a family member has enough funds to privately pay for care from savings, it is important to formally complete a Personal Care Agreement. Prior to receiving any payment, this document should be prepared to outline the services provided as well as the payment to be received. A personal care agreement can not be created retroactively to pay for past care.

The Caregiver Forum is a great place to come for answers. Additionally, I’d like to offer the following AgingCare articles as reference points:

To understand the purpose of and create a formal agreement between family members, please refer to:

If you would like further information regarding the decision to hire a home care company that fits your needs and your budget, please refer to:

If you are new to caregiving you will likely have future questions. There are many answers from experienced caregivers here. Don’t hesitate to come back and ask.
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Cannella Aug 2018
Thank you very much. Your answer is very informative. I only wish I had read the article on family caretaker in March! I will check out the websites.
Thanks again
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