It has been very different for me lately because everyting I do seems to be questioned. I have always been the type that if i am a little mad i just say what needs to be said and it is done. When i get extremely mad on the other hand, i just will not talk to you until i calm down and gather my could be a day or a week, it all depends. I am told it is rude to ignore people but I think its better for me to compose myself. So i am wondering, how do others deal with anger?

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The five stages of grief are shock, denial, anger, despair and finally acceptance. Those around you are probably in the angry phase.
The anger is often directed at the caregiver who gave the most care! Yes you carried the cross and now you are accused of driving the nails!!
So you get some Ativan; if they won't take it, you should.
You have to be calm and reassure them that God has a Plan. You assure them that the outcomes were in the hands of a higher power. You redirect them, remind them that a good life was lived and celebrate the highlights. Been there, done that.
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Um, are you still living with the crew from your caregiving gig? Are they baiting you and then telling you it's rude to ignore them?

I'm not ignoring you. I'm not dignifying that comment with a response.

It would be beneath my intelligence to respond to that

The DSM V has a word for people like you, but i can't say it in mixed company.

You make my uvula hurt.
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