My father is coming home to die on hospice, how do I change him with dignity for both of us?

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I’m sorry for your loss. I wish you peace in the days ahead
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Thank you so much for your help. I was very busy. He passed away at 2:36 Monday morning. The cremation service picked up the body around noon.

I live 45 minutes away from their home but have been staying there for the last few weeks. Now that he has passed, do you know my next steps? Is there anyone to notify? What happens next?
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I've been changing my dear hubz diapers for a couple of years now. I also talk to him throughout the time. There is a way to do the change by having dad roll onto each his side facing away from you, which maintains his feeling of privacy. TV on. You will need a box of nitrile/rubber gloves and a big pack of diapers. I prefer the light blue as the poop shows up better not to spread it around. I have a snack table bedside on which I keep a storage caddy/tote (Amazon) holding the various ointments, soaker pad, foam soap in the front, pack of wipes in the back section (Prevail, from Amazon, best deal around), and a plastic bag-lined waste basket behind to easily whisk away the diaper. Cover it all with a hand towel to keep it somewhat out of view. I learned a lot from watching the CNAs but they usually had two doing the change. I had to develop my own method as I have no help. We're down from about 45 mins to 10-15. You will be slow at first so hang in there. It might make you cry because it's your dad, not because it's icky, unless he get C Diff. It's a good thing you're doing. Hugs
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Talk while doing it, doesn’t matter about what, just to distract from what’s being done. Have a washcloth to cover the parts you’re not working on. Have all supplies ready in advance and over a few times you’ll learn to work fast
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