He left home and almost got run over on busy hwy. He is in right mine sometimes but he see people but has enough sense when trying to tell that we need to get money for home care . He is on waiting list for VA home and he needs to be in home right. My sister trys to care for him and she is not in best health.
We need to know who we talk to to get power of attorney. Thank you

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You cannot "get" power of attorney. It is "given". Therefore, if your father lacks cognitive competency, he cannot give you power of attorney. You will have to obtain guardianship or conservatorship over him.

I would inquire as to whether or not the VA can help you with this. If not, I would search in your community for pro bono guardianship services (see if there is an guardianship association in your area).

If not, contact the family or probate section of your county court. Ask if they have a pro se section to assist you with involuntary guardianship.

I say all of this because attorney's sometimes want absolutely crazy amounts of money to handle these cases. If uncontested, it is not necessary to have an attorney for this proceeding.

Unfortunately, at this point, this is your only choice.
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