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I'm curious about your exact circumstances - you mention in your profile she has mobility problems and is afraid to get in the bath tub - if it's purely a mobility problem that is something that can be remedied by using a transfer bench and installing good grab bars and a hand held shower. Mom's bathroom was too small for the transfer bench so what I did was have her sit on a shower chair with her legs outside the tub, that way she could soap up and I used the hand held shower to rinse her off, and we had a nice foot soak at another time.

If she truly can't get to the bathroom at all then as the others have mentioned you can make do with some type of sponge baths, but in that case I would think bathing would be one among many other problems - care to tell us more?
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I use wash cloth sized wipes. They are like baby wipes just much bigger. For hair I use no rinse shampoo. That stuff is awesome.
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There is a product called "bath in a bag". It has all the stuff including shampoo you'll need to keep the individual clean. You just pop it in a microwave for the specified amount of time written in the instructions and your ready to go to work.
Sometimes Walmart has it or you may need to get it a pharmacy.
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I had/have that problem. My wife is non ambulatory. Even if I got her into the bathroom she could not hold herself up so I could wash her. And this is where it got tricky. I would stand her up, help her stand with one hand while I did my best to wash her with the other hand. That included sitting her back down to put on her underwear then either lay her down or pick her back up to complete pulling up her underwear.
She is now in the hospital and receives bed baths and routine cleaning and washing for her lower area after pee ing.
I know this is not much help but it is what I had to do. I can no longer do it without injury to my self. Now we (medical staff and myself) are talking about institutional care. I hate that but it will be necessary.
What ever course you take remember to take care of yourself first. No fun in sharing a hospital room with her because of your injuries.
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