Mom has Primary Progressive Aphasia. It is a rare form of dementia that in the beginning only affected her language skills, but has now progressed in the later stages of dementia. Her ability to communicate is basically non-existent. When she speaks the words sound like a foreign language. And her ability to understand or process what you are saying is very difficult to say the least. Very frustrating for all. She has been in a Assisted living memory care unit since October 1st. The caregivers have said she does well for the most part. She loves to help fold laundry and clean the kitchen. She is happy when she feels useful. BUT, when it comes time to help her with bathing and toileting she gets angry and agitated when someone has to touch her in a private way. Since she can’t communicate, the caregivers have a difficult time in knowing how to approach her. She wants to "do it" herself which leads to uncleanliness which led to a UTI and hospital stay for several weeks over the Christmas holidays. There was a geriatric Doctor on staff at the hospital so the purpose of the lengthy stay was to see if her medications could be tweaked in hopes that they could find the right combination that would give her only what she needs in these late stages. She was well enough to be able to go back to the Memory care and was happy for about a week. Now we are right back where we started. I'm at a loss. Not sure what to do.

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