My mother made me and my brother executors of her estate. How do you cash a refund check from the facility she was in after her death?

If the NH ck is for the $ in her personal needs allowance account (like she was on Medicaid and the PNA $ went into a trust acct each mo at the NH), the NH should be able to write it out to whomever was on the signature card for access to the PNA. If they didn’t ask to get it reissued.

If she was on medicaid and didn’t own a home, there’s likely not going to be any $ or assets to warrant opening probate. So if this is your situation, you want it in a name so that you can cash the check. Instead of having to open an estate of bank account, irs #, etc.... It is a asset of her estate, so the $ should be used for costs related to her funeral, burial or other death related costs. Funeral florals probably could spend the entire check. Make a copy of it and keep records as to where spent.

If she was on Medicaid, your states MERP / Estate Recovery program will send old DPOA a Notice/questionnaire regarding repayment to the state for costs Medicaid paid. The amt of the check gets included but you also include all other costs paid. If she died with under 3k or value of estate under 10k, it’s under federal cost benefit ratio for recovery.
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If a bank account in your mom's name is still open, you can simply deposit the check with "For Deposit Only Acct #XXXXXXX" written on the back.  No need for a signature if the account is in the name of the payee.  You can then open an estate checking account for administration purposes and transfer mom's checking account into the new account.
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You need to probate the estate showing you and brother are Executors. You then can go to the bank with the short certificate you get showing ur Executors. The refund will become part of her estate. You will need to prove that all bills and debts have been satisfied before beneficiaries get their inheritance.
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Have you made a new account at her bank with her remaining money called the estate of her name? If so, that is where you deposit it as her exector.
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were you paying the facility with her money? from an account with one of your names on the account?

I would check with the bank from which you were paying her bills. have death cert and executor papers available  

is the check made out to your mom?

I would ask facility if can make check out to you or bother, as you are executor if bank wont accept.  

sorry I don't have experience with that. my dad has passed and my mom still living. I have signed for them as trustee though. I have a small refund check from AT&T made out to my dad. he passed 3 years ago. im not even going to try to cash. its too small anyway...
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