Great comment about the blockage. My friend landed in the ER a few months back for a blockage issue and needed emergency surgery.

She was miserable! She was upset because no one could be at the hospital with her due to Covid. Unfortunately, that’s how it is.

She’s healing at home now. She couldn’t eat before and her doctor wants her to gain some weight. Hopefully she will start enjoying food again. She’s tiny at 94 pounds.
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I would not be giving any enemas. I would give her lots of vitamin C and magnesium daily to keep her regular.

Of course only after I confirmed with her doctor that she doesn't have any type of blockage.
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Call Council on Aging in your area. Speak to her doctor about home health.

Council on Aging provides help with bathing, toileting, light cleaning, preparations of simple meals and companionship.

Home health will help with mobility issues like you mentioned in your profile. Home health will send an aide to bath and assist with toileting.

Home health provides physical and occupational therapists and will do specific exercises for her mobility issues.

They also provide a nurse that will discuss nutrition and exercise which may help with her constipation. The nurse will give her a thorough check up and notify her doctor if needed.

Elderly people will experience embarrassment due to their failing bodies. All we can do is reassure them that we know that it can’t be helped. It’s not their fault.
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Honestly don't think its possible to assist with an enema without embarrassment.
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