She cant bend over the sink and can't climb the steps to shower.

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I put my bil next to the sink-wrap towels around his shoulder-soak a rag not dripping and wet it,apply shampoo to hands like lotion and lather him up. Keep rinsing rag and his hair is as clean as can be. A treat for him is blow drying it.
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he ,
jan's hubby has a flaky heart . he thinks i take him bratwursts because i like him . i absolutely do NOT . the sooner " art' s " heart blows , the sooner jan and i are goin bike riding .
his brats contain the excess fat from the other 60 brats that were baked down .

im not a nice person , its your issue if you ever momentarily thought as much ..
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If she can't get to the shower how does she wash the rest of her body?

To go with Cap's idea, I seat my mom at the bathroom sink in her wheelchair and have her lean back hair salon style, they sell trays to help direct the water but I made my own from dollar store items.

There are also several variations of no rinse shampoos that are surprisingly effective, but I still think the occasional shampoo is needed. Perhaps use the no rinse shampoo and take her out periodically for a shampoo and cut?
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if she can lay her head " back " over a kitchen sink , there you go . i say this because i just visited my ex customer / hair stylist , and she can wash your hair in about 2 minutes if you lay your head back at her basin .
its like waterboarding but with more boob in the face .
i only go there once a year but by the time i do , i am stoked .
" jan "
h#ll yea !!
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