I have 2 labeled trash cans in her bathroom in my home for both wet pads and underwear . Since she does have short term memory loss, I do need to remind her to throw out the pads. But I think part of it is a generational thing. She’s 90 and grew up in a time where everything was reused over and over again . She hates to “waste “ anything. For me, it’s just repeating to her gently but firmly that for sanitary reasons, they need to be disposed of.
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I never had that problem with Luz. But I did find the used ones in strange places. Like the dirty laundry bins, flower pots, under her covers, sinks, tables, you name it.
It only lasted about two weeks then she quit. Eventually she did use the trash cans, for a while. Then it went to not removing them.
Your Mom may be going thru a stage that will change later.
good Luck whatever happens.
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I bought a small lided trashcan. I put a sick up in the lid. I put in a trash bag. Yes, sprayed the trashcan with Lysol. The Genie's used for baby diapers may work.

U don't say Mom has Dementia. If she cannot understand that the Depends need to be thrown out, I would say there is some cognitive impairment involved. Believe me, the early signs are suttle and then you look back and realize the signs were there.
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I gave my dad the plastic grocery bags and told him to wrap and tie before they went into the trash can. This reduced any odor in the event that the trash wasn't emptied daily.

I also spray the trash can with lysol with every bag change. A lid is really helpful as well.

You will probably never get her to take the trash out of the house as often as needed. My dad never emptied a trash can in his life. Picking your battles will save your sanity.
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If she's not able to reason how to dispose of soiled diapers, I'd ensure that she is escorted to bathroom with assistance in handling it. At some point, the ability to reason is affected and she's not likely to be able to process what you might tell her about it.
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Why isn't she throwing them away?

Because she thinks they're fine for using again
Because she doesn't remember that they're there
Because she can't think what to do with them
Because it's physically too difficult for her to manage?
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fedupnow1 Aug 28, 2019
Really no reason, she is mobile and gets around good, I thought if I would take them out she would take the initiative and do it herself. It's like she cannot smell the pee.
Well, you can tell her. Have the bags ready at her disposal with pictures, hanging on the doorknob. Whatever. Doesn't mean she will do it, though. Wishing you good luck. Let us know if you find the magic way to it.
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