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Gently. It's very hard for people to accept that they have dementia and most people try to deny it and cover it up as long as they can.
Often, it helps, if you have a third party involved. Does she have an old friend who has noticed changes? When you remove family dynamics, that can help a lot.

Sometimes, you can write the doctor about your concerns (ahead of a visit) and then talk the person you are concerned about into a regular checkup or to have blood pressure checked or something "routine" but important. Then, the doctor can have the right information to ask the right questions. Again, you would have third party buy-in.

Be compassionate, but have examples of what you have observed (and hopefully others have observed). Generalities will just seem like ageism, so specifics are required. Take notes if necessary.
Good luck. It's very hard to get to a useful discussion, but do try to enlist the aid of non-family members.
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In addition to all of Carol's great advice, pastorswife3, one conversation starter mught be, "Mom, I care about your health...." I'm assuming of course that your Mom has been medically diagnosed with dementia, correct? I only ask because sometimes the word is used even absent medical diagnosis. If Mom's doctor has diagnosed dementia, it makes it easier to occasionally remind her of what her doctor has already told her. If she's not been told by a doctor, a doctor's visit may help in gently breaking the news to her.

Any way you choose to handle it, sit close to your Mom when you break the news to her, and give her a hug after you share the news with her. Don't be afraid to allow plenty silent moments that will allow her to speak, even if she is unable to express herself clearly.

Whatever you decide to do, hope the delivery is as smooth as reasonably possible given the subject. You obviously care about your Mom. Otherwise, you would not take the time to think about the best way to break the health news to her.
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