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There are many posts on this site about how to get elders to stop driving as Golden has pointed out. Without hurting their feelings. That’s a new one for me.
Your post doesn’t indicate that he has dementia. You do mention mobility problems. Agility is important in driving.
There are many 90 yr olds who drive. 3.5 million over 85 and that’s a few years back. I’m sure many more by now.
If your father is mentally stable and competent to drive then I doubt the state would take his license.
If you feel he has problems that preclude driving then ask his doctor to confirm that. Be prepared for the doctor to tell you no. Don’t ask in front of your dad unless you know what the doctor will say.
Here is a list where you will find your state and can compare how different states handle license renewal as it relates to age alone.
Also another interesting article from consumer report covers many factors that might convince you it’s time. There’s also this.
“Public suspicion of older drivers isn’t based on facts or research but on a nonclinical factor: ageism.”
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Many seniors do not want the loss of Independence that goes with losing their right to drive, so putting something in place ahead of time may help.

But truly his hurt feelings are not the issue, the danger to others is a far greater concern.
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Here is a link to the most recent post on that question.
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Hi - One thing people do to deflect the "fault" from family is make a call to the DMV and keep it anonymous Another thing is to communicate with his dr who can recommend that he be retested. That way the blame does not fall on you, At his age, with his health problems, he is most likely unsafe on the road.

Sometimes an easy way is to disable the car. There are posts here about ways to do that,

You are search for "disable car" for more posts

Or remove his keys without letting him know you did. If you think he is a hazard on the roads you really must take some action, as I think you know.

How ever it is done, dad will be upset. I don't think that's avoidable, unfortunately.

Good luck! Let us know how you make out.
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