My mom is 78, my dad died last year and so her income was cut.. Ssi does that. Me n my sister are helping keep her bills paid because she barely makes enough, my nephew 23 and his wife live with her parents in a trailer with 4 others. Neither one of them work and are always asking my mom for diaper money, gas money, use her car. And calls me and my sister and nephews dad (my brother) and asks for diapers for their 1 yr old. If i confront them (i have several times) they run directly down to my moms and whine that im being mean and he says hes put in over 50 applications but no call backs..(i call bull!) And my mom says she wishes we would give them a chance.. Mind you we have all shoved cash, diapers, wipes, food and rides their way several times. She says she cant work because she has a baby (1 year old) i put $20 in gas in my moms car so he can drive it 65 miles one way to do his community service and i won't get paid back, i know it! I want to go off on them both lazy good for nothing, want everything free, pieces of crap, But i dont want to hurt my mom. How can i make her see and stop letting them abuse her this way? Please help before a family is divided!! I dont care if they like me or not! Bad thing is the live one block from my moms house. My sister lives with mom to help her, i live 20 mins away, but go there everyday to help as well. My brother helps financially as well.. This has got to stop! Please help..

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Before my mother moved in with me she had a similar problem. She lived in a government subsidized apartment and only had social security so I was her chauffer and paid for her cable tv, bought her groceries, clothing, etc. Family was not asking her for money but she was still giving it away to charities and politicians who asked. For years I didn’t say anything. I finally had enough and put my foot down when she ran up her credit card bill by ordering things on the internet that she didn’t have any use for.

This was the woman who taught me to be independent. To pay my own way. When I nicely explained that the money she was giving away should be used to pay her bills so others wouldn’t have to, she “saw the light”.

She was only getting around $971 a month but that was enough to pay her own way once she stopped giving it away.

Perhaps your mother needs a reality check. I’m sure she knows what she is doing is not helping her own finances but has she thought about how it is affecting yours? She should not be taking money from you and your siblings to pay bills if she gives money to other family members.

Is it possible to have a friendly meeting with your siblings and your mother to explain her financial situation?
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Blood suckers! This nephew needs a dose of reality
and asap. Your mother and other family members
need to say more. Leave grandma alone.
Her as isn't for them to live off of. They probably
have resources for handouts you don't even know
about. Keep a close eye on the finances and your
mom's personal things. Good luck to you!
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If your mom continues to give them money they're going to continue to ask for it. It's your mom's responsibility to put her foot down and say "no more". Offer her your support if she wants to do this but don't be surprised if she continues to give these people money. And since this is your nephew, where is your sibling? Why isn't the nephew's mother or father doing something to stop this?
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