I'm in Sarasota FL. I have durable power of attorney and I am her trustee on all her accounts. I've been her sole cargiver since 2010 she has sever dementia. Has full medicare with a suplement that pays for all her medicall expenses but not assested living that she is in need of. I do every thing for her upkeep her house, clean, cook, manage all her financial affairs. I'm 66 and want to move back up north to be close to my children as I have Leukemia now and it will get wors in the comming years and will need the help of my children in a few years. Please advise any ifo you might have.

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Also about Medicaid & AL, most states Medicaid programs do NOT pay for AL. AL is funded by a waiver program of medicaid $. Some states do AL waivers & some don't or do it on a limited basis. Often for AL, they require 1 - 2 years of private pay with mom on a waiting list for a Medicaid waiver bed & private paying till a bed opens.

It may be easier to have mom get a medicaid bed at a NH as NH aka skilled nursing care is required dedicated funding by Medicaid in all states. There will be a medicaid NH bed somewhere for her. Ideally you want a NH that accepts her as a "Medicaid Pending" resident, so no financial obligation contract signed by you. Mom just needs do the medicaid application (done by the atty.) & pay her income to the facility as her SOC & she's ok for "pending".
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Moms home is an asset. It is considered an exempt asset for Medicaid. If you can show that you qualify for the caregiver exemption, then mom probably could transfer her ownership of the house to your name without having a transfer penalty.

IMHO it is not a DIY project, you & mom are best off getting an elder law arty to shepherd moms Medicaid application, deal with the caregiver exemption and whatever paperwork to deed house to you that is totally Medicaid compliant. You plan on moving from FL right? If so, this is going to be sticky and you need to speak with the atty as how to do this so get property into your name & ownership in tandem with moms NH Medicaid application so ownership transfers completely without any liens or claims to you at the same time. So you own the house legally; mom is on NH medicaid; both done right so you can sell the house & you keep the $ from the sale. You may have to continue to live in the house for a while too.

If not, mom can continue to keep the house as an exempt asset BUT mom will have no-nada-zero of her income to ever pay on anything house anymore as once on medicaid, mom is required to do a copay or SOC (share of cost) of her income to the NH. And it will stay this way till mom dies & you deal with the caregiver & disabled heir exemption to Medicaid estate recovery (MERP) after death in probate or small estates affavavit. You probably don't want this as mom could live years more, while your health decreases and someone (you or other family) have to pay all house costs & deal with MERP &/or doing probate.

Really not DIY, you & mom need an experienced elder law atty. Good luck!
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