Mom is in a nursing home after having been diagnosed w/ Moderate to Severe Dementia from her stay at a Geriatric Psych Facility. She has a history of Psychosis and has been on a mild Anti-Psychosis Med for years. The Geriatric Facility put her on a few meds that some (Alzheimers Med, Parkisnsons Med) don't seem to be the right fit for her....

The psychiatric care at the nursing home is not the best - a Dr. comes in from an outside facility every 3 months and sees patients. I have asked the Nursing Home to have the Psych Dr to contact me - to no avail. I have a meeting w/ the nursing home staff (minus the Psych Dr.) to discuss Moms ongoing care plan. Is this the correct time to request (almost demand) a consult w/ the Psych Dr? Mom definitely has a lot of Delusions, but is otherwise pretty much on the ball....

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Would there be any mileage in contacting the named individual leading her evaluation at the facility and asking that person to follow up on her amended px? It seems to be a continuity of care issue, and since the new NH doctor hasn't picked up on her, and yet it must be time for a medications review, maybe going back a bit might gee things up. Worth trying a phone call with extra sugar on it, possibly.
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Maybe call the facility she was in. Find out who her doctor was there and tell him your concerns.
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