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Can you elaborate a bit?

Does your mom live alone?
Will she have alternative options to get around if she doesn't drive anymore?
Is your mom fighting you on this?
Is it just you and your mom or is there other family for support?

My experience has always been to tackle this issue slowly. It's a process. Rarely will a senior agree to give up their car and driving. There are positive ways to go about this and negative ways to go about this.

A positive way would be to understand how difficult it must be for someone to realize that they can no longer drive. We have to show compassion even though we're frustrated.

Another positive way to go about this would be to chip away at the person little by little with common sense and concern as opposed to making a proclamation that they can't drive anymore, period, end of discussion.

I brought my dad's doctor in on this issue. My dad had a regular check up coming up and I called ahead to the office and spoke to one of the nurses. I wanted the doctor to tell my dad he couldn't drive anymore because I wasn't getting anywhere with my dad. The day of the appointment I passed the nurse a short note (it has to be short or they won't bother with it) to pass along to the doctor. Toward the end of the visit the doctor recommended that my dad not drive anymore. My dad accepted it. He wasn't happy about it but he accepted it, I think because it came from a male doctor and not my dad's female adult child.

Again, it has to be a process. Be compassionate and understanding and respectful.
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