Dorker actually brought this up in her thread - As the Stomach Turns (LOL) - and it's a good point. I'm the primary caregiver, and after months of Dad only asking/telling me to do things for him, now I only go in his room to see him with a task. I don't want to linger, I don't want to watch TV with him, I don't want to do anything with him - just get in, get out. But how sad is that? How can I bring back some normalcy to the relationship? This week has been the WORST. Dad with fractured hip, now at home in a situation we can't handle. Hoping and praying he would be able to go to rehab we like (they were full) and he stayed home from hospital release. Big mistake. Today was The Day. And we didn't get the insurance approval in time. I have to get through another weekend with being chamber maid. I am LITERALLY hiding in my bedroom from the depression of the paperwork not being completed. How do I reclaim some kind of better relationship with him? Anger and resentment on my side, and neediness and rudeness on his side, are driving the relationship right now.

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