Steeleerswilldo, if someone in your family needs a caregiver, all you need to do is say "yes". Most family members are not part of a caregiving agency, nor have they had classes on caregiving. It's pretty much trial and error learning. And the vast majority of us do not get paid.

If you wish to be part of a professional caregiving Agency, you would need to call them and ask what is required. But note, if the Agency sends you to care for a family member, the Agency will be charging the family member the going rate for the area. You will not be receiving that rate as part of the cost goes for overhead costs of the agency, insurance, licenses, workman's comp, payroll, classes, etc.

Your family member would find it less expensive to pay you directly, but you would need to do an employment contract in case down the road that family member runs of funds and needs to apply for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. I know all of this is complex.
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It varies from state to state. Some states require CNA training and certification if you want to be paid. Most often a family caregiver, is not paid unless there is a written contract/agreement with the parent.
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What exactly are you looking for? Training? Payment? License?
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