How do I place my mother in a nursing home if she refuses to see a doctor and hasn't seen one in over two years?


She has lost her ability to get to the bathroom. There is no way she would agree to a nursing home.

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Yes, FF is right. Went through this with mom. Bad fall....Hospital....Assisted Living......And use the JUST TILL YOU GET BETTER line.

Few if any elders ever agree to go into care. At some point we have to do what needs to be done.

Start looking at places in your area. Be prepared.
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You can go to court and become her guardian.
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A little heads up do your research on NH/AL ASAP, reason the hospital may only give you a couple days before discharge to to find out where mom would go next 
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Thank you so much for your answer, freqflyer.
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NoRecess, you will need to do what many of us here had to do. Wait. Wait until Mom has a serious fall or illness, and call 911. Mom goes to the hospital, then to rehab, and then you can get her into Assisted Living or a Nursing Home. You can then use a "theraputic fib" saying it is an extension of the rehab.

I had to do that with my Mom, who was very stubborn, yet she did go to every doctor in the phone book [or so it felt like it]. But would refuse caregivers, or her and my Dad [both in their 90's] moving to a senior community. Then she had a serious fall and needed to live in long-term-care.
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