Are there services available that can transport my mother from her home to airport and accompany my mother on a plane and deliver to another airport approx. 2 hr flight?

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Is there a reason you don't travel with her yourself? I think the cost of hiring a private person to take her might be prohibitive. Have you spent a week with your mom to assess her actual condition? Please review a few of the posts from current and experienced caregivers so that you have some idea of what the long-term journey with your mom may look like. Good luck.
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Your profile says your mother is receiving 24 hr a day care......why not ask one of her current care givers to accompany your mother on this trip, that would make the best sense to me. Or go pick her up yourself, if you feel qualified to care for her during the certainly would be less expensive and worrisome.

What I wonder is this......she's saying she doesn't need 24/7 care anymore when she comes to live with you!!! What is this based on?? My mother lives in Memory Care and tells me daily how there's nothing wrong with her and she should be able to go back to her apartment in Assisted Living. Her version of nothing being wrong with her and the truth are 2 entirely different truths. I'm just hoping you know exactly what you're getting yourself into here and you're not relying on an elderly person to give you the facts about anything. Be sure to FACT CHECK every word they utter, lest you get sold a pig in a poke.

Best of luck.
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