I want to honor my dad who died 2 months ago in a care facility. He was not in this country. I want to donate but know the money goes directly to the welfare of the residents. Yesterday I walked into a plush facility near me. I was promised a call back and did not receive it. I really want to put some cash towards the benefit of some residents who have little comfort or family. How do I do this?

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You can be assured your donations would go to the facilities coffers
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Aside from Joann's suggestion to donate to a certain program at the facility you might want to consider purchasing and donating an item that is needed rather than cash - ipods and headphones for resident's use for example, or something your father really found helpful. My mom's facility had a list of items that were on their "wish list".
You might also consider they type of facility you are donating to, there are many places that are run by not for profit agencies.
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I wouldn't give it directly to the facility. I would talk to thecactivities director and see if she can give you some ideas. Maybe help towards their Christmas party. Ask if there r residents that have no family you can brighten their Christmas. Maybe pay for some entertainment. There are people who do this at facilities.
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TracyH Nov 30, 2018
Thanks for this. That's exactly what I want to do. But my donation needs to be a non profit one for tax reasons. I'm very concerned it won't go to the right thing

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