How do I locate a pet friendly apartment building for totally independent seniors?


I am independent but need to have some connection with people my age, senior. I cannot afford nor do I need assisted living. I have 35 lb and 20 lb dog. Lovely apt pets. I would like a common activity area with others. Im looking in Towson or Pikesville area. I can pay 1,400 to 1,800 dollars a month rent max. Could you tell me who to call or what to google? I need some help. Thank you.

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BALTIMORE, go on-line and Google "Sourcebook Senior Living" and ask for a free book, it's like a phonebook with advertisements, etc. I can't remember if that book had senior apartments or not. Anyhow, it covers Maryland, along with D.C. and northern Virginia.
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Try to find if there is a Holiday Retirement Community in your area. It is an independent living community. They allow dogs but they may only allow a ground floor apartment since they have doors directly to the outside
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I would try contacting your local eldercare agency they may recommend something like "A place for Mom" You do not currently need the care but they look like a great place to socialize and many have to possibility of moving on to greater care should you need it.
You can also contact local Realtors who sometimes handle rentals but you will probably have to pay them months rent as commission plus possibly first and last months rent plus security which is usually equal to a months rent but returnable if you leave the place as you found it. Then there will be a non refundable deposit for the dogs. many rentals stipulate one small dog.
I know this all sounds grossly unfair but having been a landlord for many years my experience has been to exclude pets because of the damage they leave behind. This also happens with tenents who claim not to have a pet and then sneak them in.
Many people will advertise their rentals in your local paper too. These will usually stipulate whether or not pets are acceptable. It might also help if you agree to crate them when you are not home. If you already know people in the area ask them if they know of renters who may be moving out but have not yet given notice and take it from there. Good luck. A Senior complex will give you more of the amenities you want.
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