My mom is in a nursing home and is incapacitated. She doesn’t earn enough money to pay her nursing home bill, but has about $2,000.00 in common stock and $1,000.00 in a CD-IRA in Ohio. I’ve been told that I must travel to Ohio (I live in MD) to close the CD-IRA which is not feasible. How do I go about liquidating the stocks?

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Is there not a branch of the bank that holds the CD in MD? I would think you could do it via fax and notary. Is it mature? If not can it be part of her allowable assets until it matures then you can cash it out or renew it.

Do you have access to mom's documents? She might have a brokerage account already set up and that is where you would sell the stock from. If not, Google it and try to find the cheapest route. You can also contact the company and find out if they are buying the stock.
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Shell38314 Jul 2019
Isthisrealyreal, I don't mean any disrespect, but the OP has to use a Stockbroker or a Financial Company that is Investment Company to sell the stock. You have to have a licence to buy or sell stock.

Even when people buy or sell stock online it has to go through someone with a licence.

The CD and IRA should be through a bank that doesn't need to be sold per-say and just closed out but there will be fees if closed before it matured. CD can have 1yr, 3yr, 5yr, etc.
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Do you have a POA over your mom's finances and do you know who her stockbroker or what financial company that sold her the stock? If the answe is yes, then call the stockbroker/financial company and talk to them explaining that you have a POA and you want to sell her stock then he/she can advise you on what you need to do to have the stock sold.
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