My Mom (90) sleeps most the time. How do i know if I let her sleep too much?


She has acquired Parkinson's which affects her coordination. I started caring for my parents 2010. an independant care facility let me stay with my dad while mom recovered from nheart surgery.i did this until oct 2013, Dad died may recovered from surgery but in oct 20123 she was hospitlized until feb 2014 for UTI. facility wanted her in their NH level and she could no longer stay independant nor i stay with her. an ALF kept her at assisted level but one year there has taken a toll on the both of us and i brought her home with me feb 2015. She is much happier but atr the same time uninterested in anything most the time.her last hospital stay left her unable to balance well enough to walk safely;even with a walker. She is tired all the time and I try to engage her. She hates exercising but hates the abilities to transfer and stand that she does have. She is less alert if I wake her to get up. If I let her sleep until she wakes on her own she wakes up alert or can sleep all day. What should I be doing?

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5thonlygirl, once you get into your 90's you are really tired... one has lived a very long life. Let Mom get her sleep.

My parents [mid to late 90's] use to brag that they would get only 6 or 7 hours a sleep, that's what all they needed. But they never calculated in those long naps after breakfast, that long nap after lunch, the nap before dinner and the nap after dinner, and let's not forget the nap while watching TV.
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Is your Mom on sinemet? I have found that that med really knocks my mom out, so after discussing this with her doctor we have limited this to a small dose 2X day. My Mom also got her parkinson's diagnosis late in life, I've never been completely convinced whether it is true parkinson's or parkinsonism brought on by her other conditions.
As for keeping her awake, you will have to examine your situation to see whether it is better for your mother to try to maintain her ability to function, limited though it may be, or if you and she are ready to let go.
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Is there some problem with her sleeping as long as she wants? I don't know much about Parkinson's, so maybe you'll get some advice from others here who do know. But, at age 90 and with a serious illness, I would imagine that she might be allowed to rest as much as possible. Is she on Hospice? What are her wishes? Is she able to tell you or did she tell you before she became so ill? What about keeping her comfortable at this stage of her life?

You might discuss it with her doctor too. See how she's doing medically and if there are any reasons to keep her awake.
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