My parents live out of state. I have spent the last month assisting my father who had his 3rd stroke in 6 months.This stroke left him paralized on his right side. He has just entered a rehab but not sure how long insurance will pay for it. My mom has recently been in the hospital but is now home. She has Cellulitus in her right knee, anemia and blood clots in her lungs. She has always been a very active woman and is having difficulty dealing with the fact that she can't do the things she could do before.
My father has been spoiled by her and his mentality is such that he is not comprehending the severity of her condition. he justs wants her to take care of him. I have a sister who lives closer but is not close to my father and I have already received phone calls from my mom and her where to two are not getting along. I have tried to talk my mom and dad into moving here with my husband and me because I could care for them easier, but at this time Mom is refusing and the both have so many doctors appointments and thearapy that is not feasible.I am also not sure of changing physicians, etc at this late date. Any suggestions. I have talked with mom about trying to find someone to assist her if and when dad comes home but they live on a fixed income and since they own their home assistance in this matter is limited. If you have any knowledge of what we can do or services we can check into they would be greatly appreciated.

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