A gentleman, at the age of 88, received a letter from the BMV (Indiana) that a written complaint had been received about his driving ability. He was not given information as to who made the complaint or any details of the supposed issues. He was given a date of revocation. He was sent a very long form for his doctor to fill out and return. This was done. The doctor has no issue with him driving.

I know this person. He drives short distances during the day in rural or small town areas. I also know if his license is revoked it will have a devastating effect on his mental health. This issue has already sent him into distress and depression.

I believe this issue was instigated by his son who does not live nearby and does not realize the effect this will have on his father.

Any of us who have ever been behind the wheel of a vehicle know that we all sometimes make mistakes. I feel this man's driving ability if being looked at under a microscope because of his age.

I have tried to research his options, but I am coming up empty. Maybe he could hire a lawyer to help him, but the son who is trying to stop him from driving is an attorney. I question how a lawyer would deal with another lawyer in this situation.

I appreciate any suggestions!

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Blue pearl,

Here in BC there is mandatory medical testing for all drivers once they reach age 80 and every 2 years after that. It is not discrimination as there are changes to people's reactions times, vision, and cognition as they age. People who are still capable drivers do not get upset by the testing, those who really know they should not still be driving get their knickers in a knot.

I have seen this in my own family. My aunt, who struggles to walk, climb stairs etc, knows she cannot quickly and effortlessly move her foot from the gas to the brake pedal. But she dreads the medical, because she knows she will have to give up her license. She barely drives at all and my cousin who works full time is doing her best to ensure Auntie has rides to appointments, to get her shopping etc. But Auntie, does not want to give up her license at all. Mum on the other hand is still a safe driver at 85 and does not worry about the medical test, as she knows she will pass it with flying colours.

I am curious if Dad will pass the medical this year. He turns 90 in a week. He, as of last summer, was still a good driver, but he tires very easily and does not have the energy for a return trip if it is more than 20 minutes long.

BC has a similar policy for young drivers, they have a novice license for 2 years, any infractions during that time extend the duration of the 'N' license.

BC also has a policy of allowing people to only drive in a limited geographical area. Generally this is only in rural areas, where there are no other transportation options and low traffic on the road. A decal is affixed to the car alerting the police to this restriction.
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I feel that is how it should be. After a certain age, certain tests should be done before driving a car.
My cousin just renewed hers at age 96! She passed the eye test and she got her license. She is amazing though. No walker, no cane, cooks and cleans for herself plus the elderly neighbors in her senior apartment community.

She did get a speeding ticket ticket recently and chewed the cop out! I think after a certain age a road test should be required, plus doctor’s approval.
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I think the question here is whether he is competent to drive or not. That should be the only question. If he isn't, he should not drive. So wouldn't this simply be solved by going down to the DMV and having him take a driving test?

To address these issues, the DMV should simply require driving tests at each renewal after a certain age.
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The doctor sent in the form certifying that he's okay to drive, yes?

Why do you think they will revoke his license?

I believe he can check this online or call for clarification.
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bluepearl Feb 2019
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