My grandma was put into a rehab facility to gain her strength back after getting severely sick. the facility she is at is treating her poorly and isn’t taking care of her properly. she’s not eating, therefore they don’t have the power to force her where at a hospital they can put a tube in her so she eats. the facility also let her go without a bipap machine which causes her CO2 levels to go high again and she was experiencing severe symptoms from it which also caused her to fall out of bed and hurt her back. they have not helped her in any way they should’ve been and we want to take her out and put her back in the hospital so she can get better again!

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You are a grandchild so I suspect you are under 30. I doubt that you are the spokesperson for grandma, but you are asking questions about the overall picture. Putting in a feed tube requires surgery and it will be difficult to ask for its removal once in place. Do you realize that feeding tube may prolong life but create a new suffering? Many people do not find a cure from feed tube. There is still a high mortality rate with them in. Did she have bipap before hospitalization? If not, insurance usually does not pay for it until a sleep study is done. This is not scheduled until discharge home unless her sleep specialist wants to fight the insurance. Again, she would get to decide to use it and many people will pull it off overnight when no one is watching.

It seems to me that the unmentioned severe illness took the best of her away and I fear that you expect her to return to where she was before. The reality is that she may be near end of life. Any aggressive care will mean she will suffer in the name of a few extra weeks. Has anyone asked for a hospice consult? It does not mean that SHE will accept it but the specialist might shed some light on those people who are in denial...usually it is the very young family members who get the impression of aggressive treatment for a cure when often the person is ready to give up
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Beatty Jun 18, 2024
"Many people do not find a cure from feed tube".

I pulled this out as it is absolutely worth reading it & taking this fully in.
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This sounds concerning, no doubt. Is grandma competent? Does she have a POA? If so, have they talked to the director of nursing and/or the doctor that oversees the rehab? Does your grandma want to be tube fed? I wonder if she could be nearing the end of her life? Best of luck to your family.
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This is very upsetting. I get that.

But rather than cast blame, try asking the Rehab Ward Manager for an update of Grandma's status & progress.

Get an acurate update.
State your concerns.
Ask about the process for deteriorating patients.

Catch more flies with honey.
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Betsysue: We're two 80+ Y/Os (I'm 87) with similar views on EOL, I suspect: we vote for comfort care only. We can probably add AlvaDeer and 3 makes us a group. IMO, there is a difference between living and existing. In simplistic terms, I'm not living if I cannot breathe on my own, feed myself and tend to my personal hygiene needs.
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Tell us more about your grandmother.
How old is she?
Does she live alone?
Is she in care?
What are her directions about end of life care? What are her wishes?
Are you the Medical POA and General POA for your grandmother?

Your grandmother is unlikely to be readmitted to the hospital unless she has acute care needs. The hospital may have done what can be done for your grandmother and has now discharged her to rehab care hoping she may be able to participate and get more strength.

Not knowing her medical history it would be difficult for us, as you can imagine, to make any guesses.

This is something you need now to discuss with the doctor in charge of your grandmother's care if you are her POA.
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The hospital will only re-admit her if she has a medical need that "justifies" hospitalization.

Your only other coice might be a different rehab or care facility or hiring home care at home.
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xoxo234: Speak to the Rehab Ward Manager.
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If the facility will not call and ambulance, you do it. Rehab may not allow her back but you got her to the hospital. Rehabs are not skilled nursing.
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Been there done that. If her condition is serious enough you can take her to the er for immediate care. I just went in and got her and took her to the hospital. The problem comes at the hospital. Hospitals are basically trauma care facilities. If the condition is serious they will help but if she is just old or in a rehab condition with no specific illness they will not accept her.
after some more unethical battles with the care facility I took her home. After a few weeks of in home care (1per week) I got hospice care In home hospice care was great.
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Seems like the problems you described are good reasons to take her to the hospital.
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