How do I go about staying home to care for my father in law? How do I get certified as an acceptable caregiver?


Looking to get some financial compensation for caring for a family member. Not sure how to go about it. Where to start? Any ideas?

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Please realize that most caregiving done by family is done for free.

Some states, like CA, do have IHHS - in home health services - in which a resident of the state who qualifies both financially and medically can get a family caregiver to be paid by the state to caregive. It’s done within a state program and uses part of its funding a diversion of Medicaid funding. The at home is elder will need to be evaluated by the state and could have part of their monthly income as in-kind to the state to offset costs. State pays caregiver with FICA, etc taken out. There have been a few on this site who were ihhs. It seems to be just above whatever minimum wage is and for around 20 hrs a week. It will not be full time.

If family has funds, they can pay you from their own $ to caregive. Your elder needs to have a legally done caregiver contract done, witness notarized and with proper taxes taken out & irs filing. Your salary depends on community standards for what similar caregivers get paid.  Average seems to be $ 15. -$20 hr. If not, should they ever need Medicaid, the $ paid to you can be considered gifting & will place ineligibility on thier medicaid application for a set Period of time determined by your states Medicaid program. 

If mom has a LTC insurance policy, you could look to take Certification classes to become a CNA or LVRN or whatever level of professional caregiver the insurance policy requires in order for them to pay as per policy. 
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Call Medicaid and see if there are programs that do this. Medicaid can give aide help. Office of Aging may have services. But, all go by income. If FIL has money then u can draw up an agreement to be paid by him for you to care for him.
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Who's going to pay you? Does your FIL have savings to pay you? Does he qualify for Medicaid? Does your state allow any payment for family members?
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