My sister is getting mentally worse and I may have to put her in care at some point. She has Medicare but the homes around here rely on Medicaid. Where do I start to finding out what is needed to be eligible for Medicaid.

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Personally, I have only had one Social Worker that has helped me and that was at my County Social Service Office. They were very helpful in getting me the information I needed to help my nephew. I find that the other SWs can't think out of the box. I live in a split level and Mom was in my bottom level that used to be the family room. The level is half underground so the outside steps go up to ground level. SW could not understand why a ramp could not be used.

Medicare does not pay for Long term care. Its a health insurance. I had no problem in making an appointment with Medicaid that was located at Social Services. If your sister has no assets more than 2k (depending on the state) and her income with SS and maybe a pension does exceed the cap set (my state its a little more than 2300)ur application should be pretty cut and dry. If she does exceed the 2k, that will need to be spent down. Prepaying her funeral would be one thing. Private paying for her NH would be another if she has 10k or more. This is what I did, took Moms money and paid 2 months privately. During that time Medicaid was applied, info need provided and Medicaid took over the 3rd month. SS and her sm pension offset the cost of her care.

I am a hands on person. I am a big believer in doing it myself so I know its done and done on time. If I have to depend on someone, I am on top of it.
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You say that the local homes rely on Medicaid. It is actually the residents who are reliant. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program which uses the taxes of us all to support seniors who are without any funds or assets. To qualify you must give certain proofs of income and assets and give the right to 2-5 year lookback to be certain the senior has not "gifted" sums of money, and now requiring taxpayer help. Contact Medicaid Offices in your area for help or contact 1-800-medicare or The Governmental Booklet Medicare and You 2020 is useful to have in your library. Request this book free from US Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
7500 Security Blvd
Baltimore, MD. 21244-1850.
Ongoing, to be of real assistance to your Sister, she will need a POA to help her if she hasn't already appointed one. More problematic if she has none appointed and now has dementia, as you must be mentally competent to elect a POA. If she is ever hospitalized a Social Worker can be like discovering gold as far as help goes.
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There are several resources you can contact besides the Medicaid office already mentioned. The AR Dept of Aging, along with your local "Area Agency on Aging" can also help.

If your sister has the financial resources, you can look into private pay memory care facilities where you won't have to qualify for Medicaid.
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Call your local Medicaid Office and they will explain elgibility. You can either go to the office and apply or they can mail you the application.
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