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Not sure how you would go about this. Its a question for a lawyer. Maybe what needs to be done is when the document is drawn up the principle has it written in that the POA does not have a right to bann family members from visiting unless those visits agitate the principle or cause problems for health staff.

You can put anything you want in your POA. Its a directive for when u no longer can make informed decisions. If you feel a POA is abusing their responsibility, then talk to the lawyer who drew up the document to find out where u stand.

I think what needs to be done is only a lawyer can draw up a POA or even a paralegal. That the principle and the person being assign are both present. (This is not done in my state. A principle can assign someone without the assigned person knowing it) This way the assigned person is told what the POA means. What their responsibilities are and what they can and can't do. I was not required to sign but I feel I should have. By signing you say you understand what being a POA means. I also think that a POA should be made accountable when they misuse their responsibility. Like using the principles money for their own purposes. It should be in the POA what the assigned gets paid for handling finances. This can be a big job.

I agree, that laws concerning POAs are lax. But as a principle you can put anything you want in them. Even saying that a certain person or family member can be kept away. Sorry if this is happening to you.

Oh, this goes both ways. Some principles think that the assigned should be at their beck and call. Not true. A POA is to handle finances and health when the principle can no longer do it for themselves. The assigned is not required to do hands on care or move the principle in with them. Just to carry out the responsibilities listed in the POA.
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Start with your state representative and Senator. This sounds like a good law!
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