How do I go about finding a doctor who can assess the care my mother is getting at rehab center?


She does not have a primary care physician as of yet....her last one died and she got sick before we were able to get a new one identified. She has increased swelling in her legs, ankles, feet and they don't seem to be overly concerned about it, but it is preventing her from being able to fully participate in the P/T services and the insurance company has declined her now becuase they say she should have progressed more by now. But our argument is that she hasn't been treated for the underlying cause of her swelling, so how can she walk? I need to find a doctor that would come in the review her care and see if there is anything different the doctor at the facility should/could be doing. We are also trying to appeal wth the insurance company has decided. Any advice?

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Was the last physician part of a group? If so, someone there should have a suggestion for a primary physician for your mom. Unfortunately, not all physicians will go to a facility. You may have to take her to the physician. The facility would have to send her records to the new doctor, so they could be reviewed. If you don't have any idea where to look for a doctor, try talking with families of others in the rehab facilities. They could be a great resource.
Good luck. This is a common situation made worse because of the loss of her doctor.
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does the rehab have a list of drs who are allowed to go to the facility? Sometimes they do (and they should in my opinion to avoid conflict of interest when the only dr treating is also the medical director of the facility). Maybe you can see if your state has an ombudsman program that could advise you. By the way, under medicare if that's what she is under, there should be still a provision that allows her covered time off from therapy if she has a temporary illness or setback. there are papers the rehab needs to fill out to get this.
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