My Mother has dementia at 82. She will not take her medicines as prescribed, she fires all the Home Health nurses and now has called the police on the apartment manager twice for delusional reasons she makes up in her mind, theft of letters from Medicaid, theft of Meals on Wheels and yesterday she went out in this heat, cussed out the manager in front of future residency folks.
I only have one diagnosis and have to have two. I have called everyone I can think of and the lawyers charge $2500.00 to get the conservatorship. They are going to evict her and she’s is so out of it she doesn’t care. I cannot move her here as I have to work and live way up in the country. Please help me find the answer. She will not get in to my car with me because she thinks I’m going to take her to a nursing home.
She’s out of control.

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Thankyou all for the advise and I certainly will take and use it. I’ll update you as God Bless you all.
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How about go before a magistrate and tell them what you have told us? Then ask that he write up a judgement for her to be sent to the hospital for a full evaluation for she is an obvious danger to herself. This is called the Baker Act.
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Was your mom officially diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer’s by a geriatric psychiatrist? Or any other specialist? It might be cheaper, and maybe covered by Medicare, if before placing her you took her to a geriatrician for evaluation and then also had her PCP sign it.

We always suggest testing for a UTI, too. Angry, possibly combative behavior is a sign of one.

Because she’s about to be evicted, you might need to take drastic measures and call Adult Protective Services. Tell them Mom is out of control and you feel she may be a danger to herself or others. 
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