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By the family. Medicaid may pay in some states. It is a small amount.
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Call your Area Agency on Aging and ask for an assessment of your grandmothers needs. They will know of the benefits available to you and her based on her income. If she is eligible to receive help from a provider you can ask how you can qualify to provide that care and receive the compensation. It will be minimal. Recognize that this is paid for by the tax payers.
In the US if a person can’t private pay for their care and need to go to where care is more affordable, then they have to qualify both financially and medically. If GM has savings and perhaps owns her home then you should seek the advice of a certified elder attorney who can guide her on how to manage those assets in order receive the care she needs.
Many family members take care of their elders and that’s great but if you need income you will be better off working a regular job and allowing GM to take advantage of the services available to her.
Here is a link to your AAA office.
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This question comes up regularly. Your grandmother can enter into a care giving contract with you and pay you from her funds to provide care.

Very few government agencies pay family to care for a relative.
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