How do I get paid for taking care of my mom? I’m on disability.


I’ve been taking care of mom for 5 yrs. for the last year and a half 24/7/365. Mom has vascular dementia and is slowly getting worse.

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Thanks for reply I’ve checked them out just like guestshopadmin people that are collecting disability can’t and eyeishlass your wrong their many adult children I’ve talk that are getting you might want research before you answer
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Some states do have programs that pay adult children & other family members to be caregivers. California has IHSS. Whatever state you are in might have a similar program. You probably wouldn't be approved though if you are on disability.
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You also need to be careful about seeking to get paid for caring for someone if you receive disability pay for not being able to work. You could put your own benefits in jeopardy or get them reduced. You might see if you can get respite care for your parent or apply for SNAP, etc. benefits. Is your parent on Medicaid? That is the program that would need to be investigated for payment for a caregiver. Medicare doesn't pay family members for care.
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Unfortunately adult children don't get paid for taking care of their elderly parents unless the parent can afford to pay the adult child out of their own pocket.

I've heard of Medicaid, in some instances, paying for a caregiver for short periods of time. About 4 hours I think. And not on a regular basis. You would have to contact Medicaid and I'm not sure my information is accurate. Someone who knows more than I do will come along and hopefully have a better answer for you.
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