Does your mom not want to bathe?

I would give her a shower, not a bath. It's quicker and you won't have to hoist her up and down into the tub.

If she absolutely refuses to bathe you can try a bath aide. When my dad didn't want to shower I called his doctor's office and arranged to have a bath aide come to the house. It was great. She was in and out in 30 minutes. After a few times with the bath aide my dad decided he could bathe on his own. Problem solved.

Or you could try a bed bath if your mom really has her heels dug in. Research on YouTube how to give a bed bath. There are also ways to wash hair without getting in the shower or the person bending over a sink. You can probably find those videos on YouTube as well.

Is there a chair in the shower for your mom to sit on? She may be afraid of falling in a shower. Also, many people don't like to take showers because they get cold. Fear of falling and getting cold are the main reasons people don't like to take showers.
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