She gets scared and if she is outside it’s almost impossible to get her back inside. It’s a literal struggle.

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I see in your profile that your mom has dementia. Lots of behavior is unexplainable with dementia. I would let her stay inside rather than get her really nervous. Sounds difficult for both of you. As others said, open a window for some fresh air. Good luck.
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While getting outside for fresh air is a lovely thing for most of us, it it NOT a necessity. I would suggest you stop forcing her to do it and putting unnecessary stress on both of you.

There are lots of things I think would be highly beneficial for my mom, but they are just not going to happen. I don't like it but what are you going to do??

Downgrade your expectations and try to reduce the stress for both of you.
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If it stresses her out that much, fresh air doesn’t really benefit her. Maybe have her sit near an open window?

A mild anxiety med might help also.
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Do you have any idea why she's afraid to leave the house?   Has she fallen down outside?  Have trouble getting up and down the stairs?   Anyone in the neighborhood harassing her?   Is her house in a residential neighborhood?  Apartment building? 

Do you accompany her when she goes outside?

I'd work on learning the reason for her anxiety about going outside. 

In the meantime, can you just open some windows in her rooms to get some fresh air in (assuming we don't have any more extended heat waves)?
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