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It's tough. First, of course, is you call them pads or something, not diapers. You are likely already doing that, but sometimes that kind of thing can slip by. No, he's not "fooled" but it helps preserve some dignity.

Next, I'd suggest that you find subtle ways of showing him ads with younger looking me (this is easier for women as incontinence is more frequent), but if they show confident people wearing "protection" to keep from having odor problems or embarrassment of wet pants, that may help.

If he has Alzheimer's these subtle approaches won't hurt but may not help either. I'd ask a doctor or a man he respects or at least likes to talk with him. As with so many other things, family dynamics get in the way. Having one's adult child push "diapers" is humiliating to many elders. So, if a doctor or a friend can approach the issue as one of "preserving dignity" it may help.

Good luck,
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I call them disposable briefs, and most folks wear them, where I work. I could sense the embarrassment that one man was having as I laid out his clean brief- so I told him my "secret" about having one handy when I'm snow camping. There is no way I will crawl out of my bag when its freezing cold, so I wear one at night and if I need to pee in the night I just remove it when I'm done and hide it in a stuff sack- not wanting to get teased for being a cold weather wimp. My point is that they are great product, used by a lot of people of different ages, and we need to remove the stigma about wearing them. I love the ad where Whoppi talks about her "spritzing" leaks- it's funny, smart, and shows courage!
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