Dad died 2009 when I took my my mom to start getting his social security that he was getting we were told she can’t get it because he was only getting subsidized social security. One of his employers didn’t pay full tax for him one year. We are not from America. My dad became a naturalized citizen, but Mom just has a green card. I need to know if there is anything I can do to get it or some assistance for her to get it?

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You are correct about the 40 qtrs but according to the SSI site a spouse can use the work qtrs of the other spouse. Not sure if the "subsidized" SS would effect these qtrs. It wouldn't hurt for Concerned to look into it, though.
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Did your Dad work under certain conditions? Like he needed help performing a job. Maybe that year you mentioned.

I would go to SS directly again and try again. If Mom is turned down ask them to explain what subsidy means. Then go to your Social Service Office and see if Mom can get Supplimental Security Income (SSI). If she can, Medicaid goes with it.
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worriedinCali Mar 9, 2019
She can’t get SSI. She is ineligible since she hasn’t worked and earned any credits. Green card holders are only eligible if they worked and earned 40 credits.
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You do need 40 contributions to be eligible for social security. You get four per year you are employed. It sounds as through proper contributions were not paid for dad for the full ten years.
I don't know what subsidized social security is.
Normally when a spouse dies the surviver automatically is paid the amount the higher earning spouse was getting.
Only know what happened in my case. I notified SS of hubby's death and his benefit stoped immediately and I was notifies of the sum I would be recieving in future.
My SS continued for a couple of months then changed and they did back pay for months since he died..
You can write to your nearest SS office and they should help
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I'm sorry - I'm not clear what has been happening for the last ten years, then?

I see from your profile that your mother is living at home and has had a stroke. Are you in touch with any social workers or health care support teams or anybody who might know the system?

You might find this link helpful:

From scanning through the information on that site, I gather that the problem is that your mother cannot claim SSI in her own right because she did not have taxable paid employment of her own. So she is relying on the continuation of your father's benefits, and now there seems to be some kind of technical hitch with that.

I don't begin to know what you should do next, but as an outsider I have observed that the US is pretty good at supporting people in genuine need and I would be hopeful that someone will have good answers for you. Be polite, positive and persistent and with luck there will be a way through. Good luck, please let us know how you get on.
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