He pretty much ignores me when I mention it. I cannot nag him. What do I do?

Click on Care Topics at the top right of the screen, then on B for Bathing. You’ll find articles, letters and discussions with lots of suggestions and lots of different approaches. Good Luck!
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Whats his reason? Does he have dementia? Is he afraid to fall? Dementia sufferers are most opposed to bathing. If you provide more details, you may get some suggestions.

My mother has dementia and pushes her legs out in front of her to stand up from the shower chair, instead of tucking them under her, so she kept almost falling in the shower as a result. Said it was slippery in there but it wasn't. So I bought her a pair of water shoes to wear and that solved the problem, fortunately.
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Tell him you won't go to his house anymore unless he agrees to bathe, then stick to it.
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