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If your state has in-home support services, then it’s a Medicaid program that pays at least $10 an hour. Your mom does have to be on Medicaid/Medi-cal & she’ll Have to be evaluated to determine if she needs in home-caregiving & how many hours she’s eligible for. Every state in the US has at least 1 program that provide in home caregiving services. Some states use Medicaid. You can view a list of in home services programs available in each state here
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The simple answer is that you can’t unless you and mom fill out a caregiver’s agreement and she pays you out of her own money. We have had a lot of questions on this site about getting paid to be a family caregiver and there just are no government programs that will pay more than a few dollars a day—hardly enough to live on. Plus, there’s no health insurance unless you buy it yourself and no retirement fund for the future. And, if you take care of Mom for years and years, by the time you are ready to resume employment, your skills will most likely be out of date.

You don't say what circumstances have led you to be a full time caregiver. Was it a promise to never put Mom in a facility? Siblings who won’t pitch in? Do you need to file for Medicaid to pay for her care in a facility? It’s difficult to make the decision, but you need to consider your own future too.

You can call your local Area Agency on Aging and ask what’s available in your state, but don’t expect much. Sorry I don’t have better news.
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