My dad is a 70 yr old who has dementia and he is a chronic alcoholic. He is very stubborn as well. But he doesn't eat and he want listen to me. I don't want to put him away but, I just received a phone call today at work, telling me that he was laying on the side of the road. He states that he was laying there because he was tired. He walks about 2 miles to local store for alcohol. I tried to tell him to not walk and to try to find a ride but his pride gets in the way, I think. I work 8hrs a day and I sometimes don't get a chance to get by there to check on him, but my mom goes there 3 days a week to check on him. I really don't know what to do. I feel as though if I put him away he want make it. He wake up and goes and walk around the neighbor hood helping family or sitting at a family member's house drinking all day. Please help!

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Your profile says that your dad has dementia. Has he been actually diagnosed? I know that sometimes alcohol use long term can cause dementia. Is that the case here? Do you have access to your dad's doctor? Was does the doctor say?

I know that sometimes, if a person has not reached a certain stage, it's difficult to get them help, if they resist. I might consult with an Elder Law attorney and inquire about the options. They should know what is required if you wish to intervene due to your dad not keeping himself safe.
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Maybe "away" is the wrong term but it feels like I am taking him away from his familiar enviroment, that he might go into a depression. My dad has dementia and curving his drinking habit is not an option for him. Like I said before, he is stubborn. Thank you for your answer.
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I don't think your Dad is ready for Assisted Living or even for a skilled nursing home. He has dementia but it sounds like it is in the very early stages, since he can go to and from the local store, and he is able to roam the neighborhood and sit with other people.

Your Dad would need to curb his drinking habit, and that won't happen unless he wants to stop drinking, and goes into some type of rehab program.

Curious why you think you would be putting your Dad "away"? My Dad was in Assisted Living/Memory Care, and he was happy as a clam living there. He was around people from his own generation, thus had a lot in common. He ate all his meals in the main dining room with his table-mates. He made new friends. There were outings and activities. It was like a resort. If that is being put away, sign me up.
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