How do I get assistance for a friend that needs independent living?


A friend has moved in with me and I have discovered that they are incapable of living independently. I am paying the bill and need guidance on which way to go with this. They are applying for Social Security disability and have no money please contact me with a response.

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I am assuming they are under the age of 62. Did you try SSI? If they can get it, they will get Medicaid too. You can get help with housing for them. Maybe get them evaluated to see what services are available. Office of Aging will help get the ball rolling. Make sure you tell them the person is not able to live with you permanently.
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I’m assuming this friend has no family available? You were under the impression that this friend was more independent than they truly are? Did you observe this friend during get-together occasions and didn’t see how much help they’d need? Whose idea was it that they move in? Were there any long range plans made?

Disability can take months to be approved. If Friend is denied, they’ll have to start an appeal process and that takes even longer. Medicaid is the same way, even though friend probably qualifies.

How far do you want to take this friendship? Are you willing to drain your finances to take care of them? If they have a progressive disease you will be looking at purchasing durable medical equipment and other supplies. Not to mention that if you work, you will either have to get home health care or quit your job. And, you won’t get paid to be a caregiver. Depending on how close yiu are to Friend, you should probably begin the process to become their POA.

I get the impression you weren’t really aware of the consequences of your good deed. Up to you, but I would call your local Jobs and Family Services Office, or even Adult Protective Services for possible alternative living arrangements.
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Call your local Area Agency on Aging. They are aware of local resources.
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