Currently paying for an agency, very expensive and savings running out. Want to hire someone to move in, free room and board, and how to pay this person.

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I looked into a live in in Miami 3 yrs ago caregivers w room and board, were typically making about 300 per week, but do have time off. I expect that number has increased.
If mom has needs overnight and her needs would not allow a live in caregiver to sleep, that would be an issue. An occasional bad night is understandable, but for example my dad woke up yelling for something every couple of hours....sometimes he refused to sleep. You can see why this was not a good option for my dad.

My need was very short term, we ended up w an agency. Occasionally he hired an independent, someone we knew, she was not that much cheaper, but he liked her and we needed someone on duty for most of the 24 hours of the day.
Dad had mobility and severe anxiety issues following an amputation, but could make decisions.

Not to start a political conversation, but just to give you perspective. I know many people who have live in help in Miami, most hire newly arrived middle age ladies as nannies or care givers, often through references, most pay cash and expect them to pay their own taxes. People that are established, have their own place get little benefit from compensation through room and board, because they gave a place to maintain. That is just the reality on getting lower cost help.

I recommend having a contract and insurance, but I know a less formal arrangement happens.
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You pay whatever you and the caregiver agree upon. Make sure there is a contract signed as to what are the caregiver's duties, how many hours per day he/she works, any time & a half or double time for Holidays, and what days the caregiver has off [thus that means someone would need to cover the time off slots].

You will also need to agree on who will pay the payroll taxes. Either you or the caregiver, if they prefer to be an Independent Contractor. Also see if the person is licensed and bonded.

Now, don't forget, if you hire someone outside of an Agency, you will need to have a "workman's comp" rider placed on the homeowners insurance.... this will help cover for any injury that happens while on the job, and salary.
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You need to check the labor laws for domestic help in your state. Free room and board is fine, as long as there is at least minimum wage that goes with it.
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