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Your County Social Service Dept should be able to help you. In my area section 8 is handled by the Housing Authority. You can only apply at certain times of the year. In NJ it was July, I think. And like said Office of Aging.
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When my brother was looking to move from NJ to MD, I was able to do an internet search to find three Voucher programs easily - look up “senior low income housing”or “subsidized low income apartments” in your zip code, but call them yourself to clarify they accept Section 8 vouchers and then get yourself on the waiting list (as it could be years before one opens up). You have to apply for the program. Part of the ppwk will be your SS award letter.

My brother’s voucher was provided through the USDA rural voucher program as he basically lived in a rural area.
Good luck! Remember, there are long waiting lists for subsidized housing and if you haven’t applied for the voucher, begin that process.

My brother had to prove his eligibility every year - (kept all his receipts for meds, etc) to get recertified. The voucher amount you receive depends on your income (SS in most cases). I believe they covered 30% of the rent but I am not sure of what percentage it is. . The voucher program is not free meaning they don’t pay your entire rent. It is shared cost. Your county should have a Dept of Aging (as Barb wrote). That is a good place to start.
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Have you contacted the local Area Agency on Aging?
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