How do I find a medicare provider in Wilmington, NC that does home health aide?

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Hey Slim,
I'm in Beaufort, NC, just up the road from you and I've had some great response from the Area Agency On Aging,
The Eastern Carolina Council "" is a graet place to start.
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I would look for your local Area on Aging. Speak with them about the Med Waiver programs and the CHOICE programs. Most physicians’ take Medicare, but Medicare normally does not pay for home health care. If your mother or father were in the armed services they may qualify for VA Benefits. Spouses do have benefits that they could possibly qualify for.
Start with your Local Area on Aging, they are a great resource to use and should be able to guide you.

Bridget Wetterer
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First, I would search this site for medicare and home health aide articles of which there are many.

Second, from what I've read, medicare is not going to be much help. "Generally, Medicare does not pay for most long-term care. Medicare does not pay for personal or custodial care (help with Activities of Daily Living), which is the greatest part of long-term care services. Medicare will help pay for a limited skilled nursing facility stay, hospice care or home health care if you meet certain conditions, . . . . . "

Third, I would look up the names and phone numbers of the home health agencies in Wilmington, NC. Then, I would call them up and ask them if they take medicare to pay and ask them other related questions or for some referrals to help further with this concern.
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