How do I find a Medicare caregiver agency?


I have not been on for a long time. My mom is making my life crazy. I need a medicare agency for caregivers.

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Contact Medicaid. They may help with an aide. Depends on income of person who needs the service.
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Go to the website and look for home health care. You'll find a description of services offered. Then look for find home health services. Enter your zip code. You'll get a list to choose from. Choose one or two and contact them. They will let you know if your mom has needs they can help with through the Medicare program for your state.
They will need an order from your moms doctor which they can help you obtain. If they say she doesn't qualify ask them why not. For instance if your mom drives she wouldn't be considered home bound.
If your mom has traditional Medicare, the type you get a supplement to go with
(not Medicaid or the advantage Medicare plans) this service is available under certain circumstances that are in addition to post rehab etc if your mom meets the criteria. Look and see.
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Jeanne, very GOOD checklist!

And thanks for the assurance on going crazy. Sometimes I think it's already become permanent with me!
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I see that your mom has dementia. Oh yes, that can definitely make people around them crazy! As GA suggests, explain your situation a little more for the best help.

Where does Mom live? (your house, her house, a memory care facility, what?)
How much of her care do you provide?
Is Mom's level of dementia mild, moderate, or severe?
Does Mom have additional impairments?
Many dementia behaviors are crazy-making! Give us some idea of the specific behaviors that are bothering you this week.
What is your mother's financial situation? Can she afford help? Might she qualify for Medicaid?

(And don't worry about going crazy. It is temporary!)
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Terri, if you mean that you want to find a caregiving agency funded by Medicare, to do what's known as "private duty" work, I'm afraid you're out of luck. Medicare will not pay for private duty work.

Perhaps you could categorize the type of help you need, and you'd get more suggestions on how to get help.

Also give us some idea what your mother's conditions are - physical, medical, mental?

Medicare will pay for some home care post rehab, and it will pay for Palliative Care. But more information on how your mother is making your life "crazy" would help with more succinct and to the point answers.

If you've posted on this subject before, look in your profile, change it to enable "Answer" and find answers to the point on the current issue. Then it'll help other posters read your background information. I checked, but cannot locate any answers to previous questions because that function is not enabled.
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