I filled out the IRMA, and I have the form SSA-44 from my certified public accountant showing the reduction in my income since retiring on July 1, 2020. I am not making much difference by calling SSA in Cherry Hill; however, I will keep trying. If you have had any luck with this situation, please give me some advice.

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Did you send in the form? How long ago? Doing this by phone is useless; they need the form.

I sent mine by mail last year and had a response in about 4 weeks.
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Here are the Offices near you.

Glassboro, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ

Pennsauken Township, NJ

Mt Laurel Township, NJ

Rio Grande, NJ (not close but in SJ)

Bridgeton, NJ (again not close but in SJ)

New Castle, DE (since I am about 45 min from u put another 10 min to get over the Del Memorial Bridge)
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Did your income come down that much?

" If your MAGI for 2018 was less than or equal to the “higher-income” threshold — $87,000 for an individual taxpayer, $174,000 for a married couple filing jointly — you pay the “standard” Medicare Part B rate for 2020, which is $144.60 a month."

Are you now under the above thresholds? If so then you should be paying the standard amount of $144.60. Are you contacting SS by phone or going to the office in person with your proof. If not getting anywhere with the CH office, go to another SS office. You don't have to go to the office SS refers u to. I live further south and we go to NewCastle in Del. So much nicer than the office in Bridgeton and quicker to get to. Just follow 13, get off on 141, make a right, go passed the airport and building is on ur right. Husbands extremely deaf so he likes the one on one. Medicare is Federal so you can go to any office. Unless on NJ Medicaid then u have to stay in NJ.
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