I helped my 90 year old mom care for my dad for 2 years until his death at 94. She is 92 and has lived alone for almost 2 years. I can't do anything right for her and she is unhappy and in pain. She gets angry at me and won't talk to me. I cannot make her happy but I have made myself miserable. Any advice on how to communicate with someone who refuses to talk about problems?

Accept that you can’t make your mother or anyone else happy. Happiness comes from within and it may just be that “happy” is over for your mom. Considering her age and likely issues from a body that’s wearing out, she has a lot going on. And it’s absolutely not on you to fix or change it, not that you can. When she’s angry, leave her alone. Listen to her issues a minimal amount of time. If she won’t talk, leave her to it. Not everything can be fixed, she knows your concern and that’s enough
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