How do I cope with my Mom refusing to participate in her own best interest regarding health, ex: exercise, eating right, etc?

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Would need to know a little more about this situation. Dementia involved?
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Well, if she has Parkinson's, she probably doesn't feel that comfortable exercising, but there's a dance movement which I've learned about that seems to be working miracles.

Check out, or google Dance for Parkinson's if the link is deleted. It's a movement begun by professional dancers who wanted to reach out to people with movement disorders. I watched a PBS special and was so taken by the effects that just moving to the rhythm of music had on people with PD. It was very emotional.

The movement has spread, nationwide to worldwide. Watch the video on the website. If you can't get to a class, a DVD might help. Do the movements with your mother, and try them out with some of her favorite songs.

And beyond that, I think in many ways we think of elders who aren't caring for themselves as a unique population group, when in reality there are many younger people destroying their health by engaging in similarly unhealthy behaviors.

So I'm wondering if a common denominator could reach both population groups? If so, perhaps (beyond the dance groups) maybe there's a different way to reach people who've lost interest in caring for themselves. Just thinking out loud here.....

But perhaps you could also start with something simple, to her favorite music. Maybe just having a cup of coffee or tea or good healthy meal with her favorite music in the background. Music can work miracles.

Thanks for your ideas, it has just been so hard to motivate her to participate in anything. I guess I need to start thinking outside of the box and get a little creative like you suggested, Garden Artist. Thanks!

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