How do I convince my 80 year old mother who just had knee replacement to finish her therapy?


She is forgetful about medications and does not like pain. She is doing good according to Doctors and therapist but therapist says she needs two more weeks and she wants to go home. I do not think she will do enough therapy at home if she doesn't have someone push her. I'm also worried she may trip or fall if caught off balance and hurt the knee or something else. The facility is close enough for me to start taking her home for 4 or 5 hours in the afternoon and then bring her back for bed. I told her to give it another week of trying it this way. She will have a physical therapist 3 times a week when she goes home to stay along with me taking her for walks. Am I doing the right thing by trying to keep her in the care facility for her own physical safety. I know she mentally thinks she is ready and wants to go home. Would she do better being happy at home with the lessor of therapy or should she stay and complete their program?



I agree with Blannie and Send, and especially about not taking her home, which may increase her desire to leave now.

There will be an abrupt and perhaps unsettling change when she comes home and has to rely on herself for everything that's now provided...ranging from meds to preparing meals. tThat can be a real shock.

If she's not able to manage all of the ADLs, even with home care coming in, she'll have to battle longer to get back to "normal."
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Would go so far as to say, stop taking her home at all until she has finished all her therapy. She needs rest in-between, and to participate in the whole program there, including socialization.

Ask the social worker there.
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Thank you for your sharing your experience.
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Yes, you're doing the right thing. Our parents sometimes hit a point where their reasoning power is diminished. I saw that with my mom. She'd swear up and down she was remembering to take her medications and she simply wasn't. Even with me calling to remind her at the time she should take them, she would still not take them. Even after she told me she did.

While your mom is in a facility, they'll make sure she's getting the therapy and medications she needs to be taking to heal. When she goes home, who will make sure she's getting her medications when she should? That's a real concern for a lot of seniors. Luckily my mom was in independent living and I could get caregivers in to give her daily medications 2X a day after she forgot them and wound up in the ER.
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